Soundtrack – Have at You! (Prince Man Boss)

This was composed by Damien Arancibia and arranged by me.

Here is the almost finished boss theme for Prince Man. It just needs a proper bassline and it will be complete. This is one of my favourite songs from our soundtrack. I’ve got to say, trying to find the right sort of sound for chiptunes isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Prince Man doesn’t have a stage theme because he doesn’t have a stage in the game. He’s going to be midboss and playable character. He acts as more of a protagonistic version of Castle Man, being a creation of his and all. As well as that, he serves as Castle Man’s playable stand-in, though he will play quite differently, being slightly slower-paced and weaker.


I tweaked the song ever so slightly so to sound a bit better. It might not be noticeable:

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