Mega Man Echoes

Hello, my name is Cody, I guess you could call me the lead developer of Mega Man Echoes. My friend Damien and I have been working on this project for roughly around a year now and it’s still in its conceptual stages, but the actual project will be starting very soon (in a couple months time). Not sure when it will be finished, but I’m adamant on finishing this since we’ve come so far already.

I’ll be posting about the fangame fairly often here. This is going to be a kind of casual blog where I go over all sorts of things, from art to music to story arcs to whatever progress I make with the coding. I’ll try to post stuff daily, which I don’t think will be hard, because there’s so much to go over. I could go over the tiniest piece of the story, like a character trait or minor arc for paragraphs, except I won’t because that’d be a waste of time. Every day I’ll go over a small aspect or plan of Mega Man Echoes so you guys can see my ideas and I can kind of make a log of when they happen.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this blog.

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