Soundtrack – Broken Wing and Prayer

I’m in a bit of a creative drought period, but today I was hit in the face with an inspiration brick while I was messing around with one of the songs today, so I put it into famitracker and it went surprisingly well. It’s nowhere near finished because there’s four pretty empty bars in the middle and two at the end right before the loop. I also have to tinker around with the percussion towards the end because it’s a little minimalistic, but I think it’s actually pretty nice in its simplicity, I’ll need to check with Damien.

This song is for the devil bosses of the game that will be appearing in the third Castle Man stage (Junkyard Prison). You have to fight two devil bosss at once, one from the air and one in the ground and they’re essentially a pair of junk monsters that survive in the junkyard by feeding off any robots unfortunate enough to fall in. I think I might’ve spoken about them before.

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