Soundrack – Junkyard Prison (Castle Man Castle 3)

Well, I haven’t been posting here. But development has been pretty slow anyway, I’ve been enjoying my first few weeks of freedom from school and moving to a new house.

However, that doesn’t mean I’ve completely stopped, Damien and I have been working on music and I’ve been tinkering around with sprites a fair bit and coding will be getting started after I get a bit more of an understanding of game coding.

We just finished another song of the soundtrack, this is the third stage of Castle Man Castle. In it you are sent into a giant underground cave beneath Castle Crimeradon that was once used by the Crimeran Royals as a hideout or training grounds. After Castle Man’s takeover in Echo 1, the cave was used as a junkyard for defective soldiers and damaged robots where they could be recycled and melted down to be reused. “Living” robots would occasionally fall in (or be thrown in). This may be a sentence worse than death as the robots have little hope of survival with no proper escape route and killer machinery around every corner.

It is also believed that something lurks in the cave. Odd sounds can be heard and rumbles can be felt as large piles of rubble are displaced or the occasional survivor finds themselves at the bottom of one of the chutes. What could possible be down there?

Piano Version:

8-Bit Version:

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