Temp Man Dialogue

Before every boss fight in the game, there will be a bit of banter like in Powered Up. Just to give the characters a bit more life so their pre-eastablished character traits can be shown off a bit more. Here is the dialogue for Temp Man the cowardly thermometer when you play as him. (This is all still subject to change)


Temp Man vs Split Man
Temp Man: Duet! There you are! Let’s go home, your theatre is creepy.
Split Man: I’m afraid not, Tempo.
Temp Man: W-what do you mean?
Split Man: I’ll leave you to work it out. En garde!

Temp Man vs Disco Man
Temp Man: Jazz! There are a bunch of shady looking guys out there! Help me stop them!
Disco Man: *Too busy dancing*
Temp Man: Why now…?

Temp Man vs Prince Man
Temp Man: Umm… B-be careful with those knives… They’re awfully sharp and yo-
Prince Man: Quit your preaching, you’re not my mother.
Temp Man: You don’t even have a mother.
Prince Man: Silence. I have very little time for this mindless banter. Will we be fighting?
Temp Man: Uhhh-
Prince Man: Have at you!

Temp Man vs Castle Man
Castle Man: I see the cowardice has changed little through this war.
Temp Man: Umm…
Castle Man: To your merit, you did traverse this factory, defeat my guards and burn through a rather generous portion of my production line.
Temp Man: I-I sure did!
Castle Man: Don’t be so hasty as to credit yourself yet. You’re still to pay for the damages.
Temp Man: Oh…

Temp Man vs Flow Woman
Temp Man: I have come to uh… Stop you!
Flow Woman: How cute.
Temp Man: W-what do you mean?
Flow Woman: Trying to act tough so I don’t see you shaking?

Temp Man vs Wreck Man
Wreck Man: *Bursts through a wall* OH YEAH!
Temp Man: I don’t like heights. I don’t like explosives. I don’t like screaming!!!
Wreck Man: But you like fighting?
Temp Man: NO!
Wreck Man: Awww man… I was hoping for a fight, not a curbstomp.
Temp Man: Y-you wanna smash me? AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Temp Man vs Noir Man
Noir Man: Boy, I didn’t like you from the beginning.
Temp Man: W-what are you talking about?
Noir Man: Cut the pretender act.
Temp Man: No, I really don’t know what you’re talking about.
Noir Man: Playing dumb to the end, I see. Well, if that’s what it takes I guess it’s about time I shed the good cop ruse.

Temp Man vs Wire Man
Wire Man: …
Temp Man: …
Wire Man: …
Temp Man: … Well?
Wire Man: …
Temp Man: … I agree.

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