Soundtrack – OH YEAH! (Wreck Man Stage)

Here is yet another preview for another song. This is the stage theme for Wreck Man, the little man with the big blasts.

This was composed by Damien Arancibia and arranged by me.

This is one of my favourite songs that Damien had composed, it sounds really awesome and it fits the character so well. I’ve still got to make percussion and add a bit more to this song, but I’m very happy with the turnout so far. There’s one primary issue with this song for percussion, and that is the speed (not to be mistaken for tempo). The speed of the song in famitracker only allows me to put so many notes into a certain interval of time, and this is integral for keeping the pace of the song. I’ve already made part of the percussion, and I think it sounds pretty good, but it absolutely kills the flow because of how slow it is. I’m either going to have to redo the song in a faster speed or find a way to make a faster percussion layer.

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