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An exclusive web comic is something I've been wanting to do on the site for awhile now, and today is the day we launch the first one.  :)  I've been talking to many talented artists online to help out and make that dream come true.  I would like to make it a weekly comic, but starting out it may be bi-weekly (released on Sunday to fit with the newspaper style of the news page) until we get more artists on-board with the project.  Some day it might turn into a full blown story continuation but for now it will mostly be completely random and humorous little comics.  If you're an artist and want to help out please contact us through our Discord or other social media pages. We hope you enjoy them, just click the image below to check them out!


Welcome to Mega Man World!

This site is under heavy construction and will probably remain that way for a very long time until fully complete. Please bear with us and know that once it is finished it will be the greatest Mega Man fan site ever to be made on the internet. Until then, please feel free to join us on the forums or one of our many and extremely active social media communities found under the social media tab.

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