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---[ Worldwide Map of the Fans ]---

This map is purely for fun and to show everyone how much love there is for Mega Man around the world. Feel free to add yourself to represent your own areas of the world! You can add as much or as little info as you want to your pin, or place the pin anonymously as well.

---[ How To Add Yourself ]---

1. CLICK HERE to go to Google Maps.

2. In the search bar at the top of the map search for your city, state, etc and click enter.

3. It will take you to that city and show a pin. Click the + Add to map link there. The pin is now added.

4. Click the pencil to edit the pin and add your alias, picture, any info you want to add like website, etc. You can also click the paint icon to change the color of your pin if you wish.

5. You're done! We will check the map often for new pins and get them added to the official map displayed on the website. If you wish feel free to message a moderator or EncrypteData on Discord or any of the communities to let them know you added a pin that needs to be transfered.

Thanks for representing and showing the Blue Bomber your love!

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