Hello fellow MegaMan Fans! And Welcome to the official Rockman X FC Blog! Over here I’ll just be posting whatever progress I complete with the game that I feel is worth sharing!

“So what actually is RockMan X FC?” Well all in all, its my project, my hobby, and most of all, my version of one of the greatest MegaMan game ever, MegaMan X in NES graphics. I decided to name it RockMan X FC instead of MegaMan X NES because Japan was where MegaMan originated. So giving the title its Japanese name would give it more meaning than just simply MegaMan X. The Game will simply be RockMan X in NES graphics and music with the same feel of the original classic series and X series. I will have English cut scenes despite having a Japanese name because I can’t get the Japanese Letters in 8-bit. However I may leave Viles’ name as Vava.

But Anyways like said at the Top, this Blog will pretty much be about Progress with the fan-game. Hope you enjoy your stay and support the game!  :D

Sigma’s Teleport Chamber:


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