Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has this project been in development?

A: We started summer of 2016, so a good couple months to a half a year so far.


Q:When will the full game be done?

A:The Full game will be done as soon as we get it done, but we plan to add more and more things every update!


Q:How can I join?

A:First you would need discord, then after that we can send you to the recruitment server to test your skill!


Q:When did you get the idea to make a fan game?

A:It all started early summer 2016, before school let out. Zenith decided that he wanted to net battle some people with a link emulator that he found. After getting some members in discord, they started talking about fan games and how cool it would be to make one. After some revision, you have what you see here today!


Q:Can I use your sprites for something I am doing?

A:We would prefer them not to be used in anything but the fangame for now, but we will keep an open mind!


Q:What is your game about?

A:We will be picking up a year after the more popular Megaman Battle Network: ChronoX. Right now our main story is top secret!


That’s all for now! Comment your question down below and we will answer as soon as we can!

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