What is Mega Man X++?

Mega Man X++ is a Mega Man X game currently being developed in LÖVE and C++ by omegapixel. It’s not just your everyday fangame, though. It isn’t an actual game in and of itself, but rather a toolset to make your own Mega Man X adventures.

Planned features:
– Pixel-perfect 16-bit Mega Man X engine.
– Play as X or Zero (in all his Z-Saber glory).
– Feature-rich, customizable level editor.
– Script objects/enemies/bosses/weapons/armor in Lua with full documentation.
– Pre-made set of enemies, bosses, weapons, songs, and tilesets to choose from.
– Create cutscenes and pre-boss dialogue custom for each character.
– Example levels with custom scripted enemies, a boss, and a weapon.
– TAS-mode, play the game frame-by-frame and with save-states.
– Record your runs with a demo system, and upload them for all to view.
– Simple Mega Man X-style music composer.
– Play on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
– Share creations online via 1 file or download other people’s creations and install in seconds.