Getting into the mix of things

Hey guys, long time no see but it’s me back with another update from the team.

First things first we apologize for not having any updates on this website as of late. But we have made some good progress on our project, and we are happy that we can finally show off some of it!

Now for our Updates!

+Mega Man’s sprite has been changed!

(Taken from Origami Man’s Stage)
We have decided to change the Mega Man sprite and give it a bit more personality!
It was made by Schmidkalkan, with help from MegaBoy. We also got some outside help from Bowen Aero.

+Multiple new stages have been added!
We have started a small portion of stage layouts and have made a lot of tilesets!

+Two new music tracks have been completed


Wily 2 by MiniMacro and Wily 4 by CosmicGem

They did a fantastic job on this and we’re really excited to show off new stuff about our game! We’ll make sure to update a lot sooner then 5 months.

One last thing:
We created a official Twitter page for Dissolution where we will be showing new things more frequently, so be sure to give it a follow at @MM_Dissolution if you are interested!

We’ll see you next time!

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