Mocking up the Tilesets

Well, even though we dont have access to the engine yet, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do other things in the meantime. For example, we already have 2 tilesets that are…more or less completed.
Also, we have some enemy sprites for these stages as well. We made some mockup screenshots with these assets. (Keep in mind that these are MOCKUPS, and not actual ingame screenshots)

First up, we got I can’t find my keys Man:

The 2 enemies that are shown in the screenshot are the Key Met, and the Key Guardian.
The Key Met will jump into the ceiling, and spin open a lock with the key on his helmet. This will open a trap, which will harm Megaman. After that, the helmet gets stuck, and the Met will fall to the floor, and act like a normal Met…just without any protection.
The Key Guardian has a lock on his front, which when shot will open up to reveal a giant cannon. During this time, he is vulnerable.

Next up, we have 2 screenshots for Static Woman’s stage:

Here we can see the super adorale Sheep Mets. They will jump into the air and turn into a fluffy cloud, and similarly to Sheep Man, will fire a bolt of thunder onto the ground. (maybe you will be able to ride the Mets in their cloud form, but we haven’t decided if that should be done yet)

In this outside area of the Stage, we see the Sheep Joe. They function similarly to the Biribarees from Jupiter’s stage in MMV for Gameboy. They create a shield of lightning, and fire a bolt at Megaman.

I hope this was interesting, and you look forward to next week where we (hopefully) have more stuff to show. Keep in mind, that even though we only showed some things at the moment, that other stuff is being made behind the scenes that aren’t ready to be shown yet.
Have a nice day!

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