Meet the Dev Team!

For our first real blog post, I thought it would be nice for everyone currently in the dev team to say a little bit about themselves, and their involvement in the project.


WreckingPrograms: I’m a Game Maker programmer and the creator of the Mega Engine, which served as the base for the MaGMML2 engine.
As a result, these engines have many similarities,
and since Dissolution will use the MaGMML2 engine, I’m here to offer general engine assistance whenever the project’s programmers need it.

MiniMacro: Hey! I’m MiniMacro, and I make Rad and Cool tilesets, and Rad and Cool music. I’m glad that I have the chance to be a part of this fangame!

MegaBoy: I’m a sprite artist from maine (U.S) I have been familiar with the Mega Man franchise for a while now, and I really want to help this project.

Schmidkalkan: I’m a pixel art artist and love to sprite. This is my first time working on a fangame.

Doom Man: I give ideas about enemies, gimmicks, and sometimes even make concept art of them. I strive to get better at art in general.

ThatOneEnder: I wrote a robot master bio and possibly did something else after writing this “bio” related to this project. My work in other fangames include:
A bad Make a Good Megaman Contest 2 Level anda small amount of writing for StupidStudiosN’s now cancelled RPG.
I don’t know how to end this so…um…Toilet Man X Melon Man from Y+1, anyone?

IYamWhatIYam: Hello! I’m iYamWhatIYam, the game’s directing musical composer.
I have around two years’ experience of producing Mega Man-style music, and I plan to put it to good use for Dissolution.

StupidStudiosN: I am one of the writers, sprite artists, and level designers for the game.
While never working on a Mega Man fangame before, I have dabbled in game development before, having worked on various projects in the past (Most of which were for practice).
I also run a Youtube channel (StupidStudiosN) in my spare time, where I make LPs of various games, though mostly sticking to Platformers and RPGs.

KershaFangs: KershaFangs here, freelancer digital artist and resident Met Mama. I provide the non-sprite art assets and plenty of love for all our Mets for the game.

Notencore: A robot designed to program computers, but has a flaw with an extended sleep routine.
Likes: Milkshakes
Dislikes: Work
Good Point: Clever
Bad Point: Forgetful

MusicalKitty: Trash Cat

PKWeegee: And finally, I, PKWeegee, am the developer of the game, and had the idea for this game for quite some time now. I’m super excited to actually be working on it!
I have played Megaman games for a long time, and they were a big part of my life. Also, I have a Youtube Channel (PKWeegee1337) where I upload Let’s Plays, and maybe I will use it for
dev stuff as well!

We are currently planning to post weekly updates on this site. Not sure if we can hold that up, but we will try our best!

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