Help needed for fellow gamer & mega fan! Enter to win a customized system!

Ok guys… lots of you have seen my incredible custom NES systems that were customized by Platinumfungi and painted by Custom NES Guy (see bottom of post, he painted the two on the ends). Well the latter has fallen on hard times and has had to sell almost his entire collection to help cover medical bills for his wife who is going to need surgery. As a collector myself this is heartbreaking to see as he had an amazing collection of vintage sealed games. He has now also started a GoFundMe campaign that will also act as a raffle to win 1 of 2 custom painted systems. For every $5 donated you will get one entry into the raffle drawing. The first winner drawn will get a custom NES featuring the Joker and Harley and two custom matching controllers. The second winner will win a beautifully customized Dreamcast which hasn’t been fully revealed. The Dreamcast alone is one of the best video game systems ever made, and if you don’t have one now is your chance to have one of the best ones in existence!

Click here to go to the GoFundMe page! —–> <-----

Here are the full rules and details from his Facebook page :

Ok guys I have a really close friend that’s in need of some help pretty bad. I have offered to donate 2 custom consoles valued at over $850 to help raise money, and these are 2 of the last things I have from my personal collection. If you guys haven’t noticed, I have sold most everything I had. Your donation is even protected. You can get a refund if you change your mind or for any reason. Rules are simple. First of all, SHARE THIS POST!! Ok. Donations for gofundme are in $5 increments by credit or debit card. I don’t think they accept Paypal, but if you want to use Paypal just message me. I have a seperate list for that. For every $5 you get one entry, so for example $25 would be 5 entries. I will end this on Aug. 31st at 11:59 P.M., eastern time (USA). For every entry, your name will be put onto a list so make sure you put a name, any name ON THE GOFUNDME PAGE! No need to comment here unless you want to. Then all of the names will be inputted into a random name generator and recorded on video. The first name will win the Harley Quinn/Joker NES refurbished with 2 controls valued at $570. The 2nd name will win a surprise custom Dreamcast with one controller valued at over $300. It is themed to a game, but I will keep it a surprise! Shipping is free WORLDWIDE!! So for $5 you could potentially win something worth way more and hey, if you don’t like it, sell it and make a profit! It’s a win win for everyone! Also, if you need more explanation on what this money is for, feel free to message me. I am not making anyone do anything, this is by choice but if you have a heart please consider this. I have over 40.8K people on this page, so why not use it. And $5 isn’t much for such outstanding prizes. I know that some of you will post rude or hateful things, and that’s ok. All comments help believe it or not! I hope I didn’t miss anything. THANK YOU ALL!!


My custom systems… let me tell you that he does AMAZING work and a chance to own any of his custom systems for a mere $5 is well worth the risk… and it will go a long way to help them towards the surgery, so give as much as you can, and good luck winning one of HIS beauties (sorry, but I’ll probably be buried with mine)!

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