H.M.O. reveals it’s 1/4 scale Mega Man statue.

This statue goes up for pre-order tomorrow and is extremely limited and sadly will not be shipped to the U.S. directly… so at the $599 pricepoint for the normal version, be prepared to empty your wallets to import one. Here’s the official info they have posted about it…

In conjunction with the 30th Anniversary of Megaman, HMO is proud to release the definitive 1:4 scale Megaman X statue for your collection.

An official Capcom licensed product, HMO’s Megaman X is a scene stealer for any serious collector. With unprecedented size, detailing and a dynamic pose, Megaman X brings joy to the collector, whether or not you are a hardcore fan of Megaman X.

With removable armour plates, HMO’s Megaman X offers a multitude of display options for your pleasure to mix and match. All artistic representations of Megaman X’s internal circuitry, power capsule base are officially sanctioned by Capcom’s creative team. Painted by James Tce, an artist of the best in his art, Megaman’s thrusters and metallic parts are brought to life with realistic sheen and weathering. You can spend hours just admiring the details crafted into this piece’s perfection.

A very special red variant is available.. in the sleek reflective paint. As though the Blue variant is not rare enough, the red variant is even more limited in numbers!

With just 200 pcs of Blue, 75 pcs of Red and 50 pcs of the Ultimate Set

Update : Video of the red version is now out…

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