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Re: Beta Tester: Sign-Ups
« Reply #30 on: October 22, 2017, 02:24:28 AM »
How old are you?: 13

How many Mega Man X games have you played?: 5

What is your history with the Mega Man X games: when i was 5 my dad and uncle gave me a super nintendo and a classic nintendo with mega man x and mario and other such games, but i really enjoyed mega man x more than some of the other games so i used a hacked wii to play x2 and x3. but about 2 years ago i got a computer and played x8 and i really enjoyed it so coming across this and seeing that people can make their own games i got excited. But that is my whole experience with the mega man x series.  (also i forgot to add in that i played maverick hunter x on the psp)

What is your computer's operating system?: [Windows 10 and 7 and xp

how would you rate your computer's specs from 1 to 10?:i have several computers i can test this on ranging from a very old windows xp netbook to a midrange laptop and my personal computer

How would you rate your level design skills from 1 to 10: 4-5

How would you rate your technical knowledge from 1 to 10?: 7

Do you have any experience with the Lua scripting language?:no but i could probably learn because ive been wanting to learn how to program

What makes you a good beta tester?:
#1 I have beta tested several games in the past such as battlefield 1, star wars battlefront 2, rust, and possibly others that i cant think of right now
#2 I can play a game for hours and not get bored because i have nothing else to do
#3 I enjoy finding glitches in video games for instance me and my cousin completely broke lego batman 2 completely

Do you understand this is a closed beta testing program?: yes

Beta testers accepted: 7
Beta testers needed: 10