Author Topic: MEGAHARD 4 RELEASED!!!  (Read 380 times)


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« on: October 28, 2016, 05:15:08 PM »
Hi everyone! I am new.

But I know how to use MegaFLE / Rockman Editor!    8)
I made a modification for Megaman 4 and labeled it... "Megahard 4"!

Now as the name says, it is the missing Hard-Modus by Megaman 4,
Here are the changes:

All Entitys have more HP - including for the 8 Bosses

Brightman: Music changed, More Enemies.
Toadman: Nothing Changed (Enemies), Toadman gets harder: Platforms, to stop him moving while he's jumping.
Drillman: Nothing Changed, Easteregg/Changes on the Drillman-Tile/Texture
Dustman: Nothing Changed
Pharaoman: Nothing Changed, Easteregg/Changes on the Pharaoman-Tile/Texture
Diveman: Nothing Changed
Skullman: Nothing Changed, Pallette switch failed! sadly!  :(
Ringman: 1 more Enemy: Wall Shooter
Wily/Cossack: Nothing changed (normal Enemies), Bosses have more HP! Not showed in the skala!!!
Wily Stage 4: Music Changed

Pallette: Some Colors Changes, Pallette Switch on some Stages.

Tiles/Graphics: Megaman Texture Changed: Now he smiles! :D

Blocks/Structures: NEW SPIKE-TYPE!: Electro-Shock! Only appears in Brightman's stage, Uncovered Electro-Beam (Removed Glass-Texture from Optional Wall)

I hope you all gonna try Megahard 4 out.

Download Link:

You are going to need a .NES Rom Emulator (FceuX,Nestopia,...). Thankfully I copied my Fceu.exe into this ZIP-File.  :)
Have alot of fun with Megahard! ;-*
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