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« on: September 23, 2016, 05:44:17 AM »
All of the music in this game was composed by Damien Arancibia and arranged by Cody Liu.

Most of these are piano arrangements because we compose the songs on piano before we chiptune them.

At the moment I don't know how to embed the soundcloud player into a post, so this is just going to be a song list until I work out how.

Song List:
First Call (Intro)

Quartets (Stage Select)

Triplets (Stage Selected)

Frenchman of the Opera (Split Man Stage)

Stagfright Stagefight (Split Man Boss)

Um... Uhh... Temp Man? (Temp Man Stage)

Nerves of Glass (Temp Man Boss)

Life of the Party (Disco Man Stage)

Disco Dude (Disco Man Boss)

March of the Militant Leader (Castle Man Stage)

Brave Soul (Castle Man Boss)

Winds of Defiance (Flow Woman Stage)

Flowing Fists (Flow Woman Boss)

OH YEAH! (Wreck Man Stage)

Into the Wreckage (Wreck Man Boss)

Elusive (Noir Man Stage)
Chiptune (This one's very unfinished)

Pain Train (Noir Man Boss)

Perplexia (Mind Man Stage)

A Battle of Wits (Mind Man Boss)

If Wire Man Had a Stage (Wire Man)

Have at You! (Prince Man Boss)

Still Spinning (Top Man Boss)

Reignition (Spark Man Boss)

A Prickly Welcome (Needle Man Boss)

Flickering Shadows (Shadow Man Boss)

Broken Bones (Skull Man Boss) (This song is extremely unfinished)

Cypress (Stage Complete)

Breaking in (Castle Man Stage 1)

Junkyard Prison (Castle Man Stage 3)

Broken Wing and Prayer (Broken Wing and Prayer Boss)

The Adjourned King (Final Boss)

Echoes of the Past (Echoes of the Past Boss)
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Re: Music
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2016, 01:10:07 PM »
Awesome Soundtrack! keep on keeping on!

Renji Abarai

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Re: Music
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2016, 09:00:31 PM »
The adjourned king is my favorite. Will definitely be a good way to end things off