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I recently had to redo the Whole battle system(that's why there is no chips and the HP bar doesn't show MegaMan's HP)because the old one was filled with bugs and it would have been a pain trying to include a Soul/Cross system. EraseCross was just used as a test for the cross system, and will not have an impact on the story.

I'm very excited for the livestream! Hope I can make it!

And I gave the demo a try. Amazing job by all of you!

Thankfully I didn't get any error messages, which is a good thing, but I found a few things that I should let you know:
-When a death blow is dealt by an enemy, the player won't be killed instantly, but will rather wait until the counter reaches zero. That's not very important, but it's still odd at first.
-This one I'm not sure how or why, it only happened once and I couldn't do it again, but I put an HP +30 chip in my pack, and the CrashMan counter went from 0 to -1
-Those enemies that become huge and drop on the player can jump into the same position at once

Thanks for giving the demo a play as for the things you ran into.
-I haven't yet programmed MegaMan's death yet so that's why the player isn't killed instantly.

-As for the CrashMan counter there seems to be a problem with the folder edit, but due to not having enough time and not knowing what causes it I won't be able to fix it for the stream.

-Yeah some enemies can be placed on the same panels, but again due to time it can't be fixed for the stream.

Mega Man X++ / Re: Beta Tester: Sign-Ups
« on: December 13, 2016, 06:31:20 AM »
How old are you?: [1-100]

How many Mega Man X games have you played?: [1-8]
1 (Mega Man X1)

What is your history with the Mega Man X games?:
I don't really have a history with the X series, I only played the first X game. I didn't beat it though, but I did make it to the Sigma levels.
I seen some playthroughs of other X games, and played one or two fan games. But that's about it.

What is your computer's operating system?: [Windows/Mac/Linux]
Windows 10

How would you rate your computer's specs from 1 to 10?: [1-10]
eh maybe a 6

How would you rate your level design skills from 1 to 10?: [1-10]

How would you rate your technical knowledge from 1 to 10?: [1-10]
I guess a 6

Do you have any experience with the Lua scripting language?: [Yes/No]

What makes you a good beta tester?:
[at least 3 sentences for this one]
I do a lot of testing in my own games, so maybe that will help. I like to explore and try to find bugs on purpose.
Also game mechanics in general always caught my interest. I like to see how games would work and then I would recreate what I saw in a fan game.

Do you understand this is a closed beta testing program?: [Yes/No]

As you may or may not know MegaMan Battle Network: Project Genesis will be on the TeamBN LiveStream. They're going to be doing speedruns of games, and showcasing MegaMan Battle Network fan games. Here is our time slot . Don't worry if you can't make it, TeamBN save all their streams and put them up on youtube .
Me and Zenith have put together a special demo for the stream, and I could really use your help for finding bugs. Anyone can do it all you have to do is download the game and just play through it. If you happen to run into an error message copy and paste the message here.

Download Link --------->

YoYo lives matter to

Mega Man Battle Network : Project Genesis / Re: General Announcements.
« on: October 29, 2016, 11:55:14 AM »
Also for those who read my last message, don't get a misunderstanding from it. I'm not depressed or anything, I just know the full extent of what I can do at the moment. I just didn't want people to get their hopes too high, for a game that will most likely wont meet their expectation.

Mega Man Battle Network : Project Genesis / Re: General Announcements.
« on: October 28, 2016, 08:24:15 PM »
Is there something wrong?  :(
No nothing is wrong, I just think my abilities in coding is not that good. So other fan games (Chrono X) I think will no doubt outshine us.
That's just my mindset on it, so even though this game will take place after Chrono X's in the timeline, doesn't mean it will be better (in terms of gameplay).

Mega Man Battle Network : Project Genesis / Re: General Announcements.
« on: October 28, 2016, 01:43:27 PM »
Hope it'll be worth it

Don't expect too much out of us.

Mega Man Battle Network : Project Genesis / Re: Artwork
« on: October 23, 2016, 10:05:30 AM »
Um, I've never heard anything about SolarMan.

And did they just ignore your messages, or just refuse to tell you what content would be in the game? I could understand this situation if it's the former, but if it's the latter, I suppose it makes sense that they'd want to keep the Navi roster in secret to minimize leaks. In any case, IF CrashMan is in Chrono X, what will be your plans for it in Genesis?

It just seems like making changes based on an incomplete game is...hasty?

The thing is Zenith is the only one in the group who had contact with them, I never messaged them myself. But it seems like they just want to focus on their thing, which I can understand. But whether or not we want to be in the same timeline as them, we don't want to use the same navis as them (aside from one). So we just want to avoid that, but it sucks for the spriters who had to work hard making the sprites then might have to throw it away just because of lack of communication. But I agree with you and think they just want to avoid leaks.

If it was up to me, I wouldn't want to be in their timeline, just to make things easier for us. But the fact that we might share the same navis as them, we would still get called out for being bad copies of CX. So it wouldn't really matter if we stayed in the timeline or not.

Mega Man Battle Network : Project Genesis / Re: Artwork
« on: October 18, 2016, 10:53:04 AM »
That looks very nice! :D I'm curious to see how other characters will look too!
But I understand that character sheets must take a long time to make, so I'm not trying yo push you ;D
Surprisingly Zenith made a useable CrashMan sprite sheet already (It may not be finished yet), I'm currently adding him to the game now for testing purposes. Zenith good work man.

Thank you, Genesis Team, for handling this appropriately and expediently. I had a feeling that the team as a whole didn't endorse this behavior. Still, I didn't know who to blame so I addressed each person.

Looking forward to more of your game's content.  :)

I don't blame you, when one team member messes up it reflects on the rest of the team. We just have to take responsibility for his actions and make sure it doesn't happen again. And thank you for showing concern for the original owners and support for our project.

To mods and admins: Please do not delete this post, or I'll be forced to post it in your TREZ topic. I am just concerned about what I'm seeing with regards to the game's resources.

I have noticed that members of this team are using stolen assets to further the completion of their game. Here's just a few that I've noticed:




I seriously doubt you have permission to use all these assets. I don't really care about the official art, or sprites (like how OSS' Mayl art was used for a mug in this game), but you want to make a BN Fangame for the fans, without asking if you could use their work? Seems shady to me. How many other sprites have been stolen?

This list doesn't mention the myriad of problems I find while playing. I get that it's a WIP and subject to change, but why do I have to press Start to access the "OK" button? You should probably verify the skills of people you accept on your team, Genesis.

I sent you message regarding the issue, in short one of our spriters Kide have been stealing assets from other people, and due to us not checking his "work" he was getting away with it, and it took someone else to do the research. For that I thank you for finding this out as soon as you did, and I also apologize for letting this slide for as long as it did. We are also gonna remove all of the stolen assets from the game, and remove all demos with the stolen assets.
Also you can now use the arrows to access the "OK" button.

Actually at the rate I'm going in, I should have the basic core for the battle system done in a reasonable amount of time. The Weakness system is currently being worked on, and then I would have to do the Counter system.

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