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Mega Man X++ / Default Enemies [Post Your Requests]
« on: December 08, 2016, 08:27:20 PM »
Mega Man X++ will ship with at least 15-20 default enemies.
Post your requests for enemies from the X games you want implemented into the engine as default enemies.

Enemies implemented so far:

Dig Labour (X1)

Batton Bone (X1)

Bar Waying (X2)

If you want an enemy implemented, post their name, what game they are from, and picture. (X1-3 and custom 16-bit enemies only)

Mega Man X++ / Beta Tester: Sign-Ups
« on: December 07, 2016, 10:32:31 PM »
This is the beta tester sign-ups thread for Mega Man X++. Keep in mind, only around around 50% of sign-ups will be accepted.
Sign-ups will close and testing will begin in January 2018. :D

Fill out the following form (and please be completely honest, don't be afraid to sign up if you are young or haven't played any X games):

How old are you?: [1-100]

How many Mega Man X games have you played?: [1-8]

What is your history with the Mega Man X games?:
[paragraph for this one, if applicable]

What is your computer's operating system?: [Windows/Mac/Linux]

How would you rate your computer's specs from 1 to 10?: [1-10]

How would you rate your level design skills from 1 to 10?: [1-10]

How would you rate your technical knowledge from 1 to 10?: [1-10]

Do you have any experience with the Lua scripting language?: [Yes/No]

What makes you a good beta tester?:
[at least 3 sentences for this one]

Do you understand this is a closed beta testing program?: [Yes/No]

Beta testers accepted: 7
Beta testers needed: 10

We need a beta tester that knows Lua.

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