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Rockman X FC / Sigma Σ
« on: November 26, 2016, 08:51:09 PM »
So this will just be my sprite dump for anything relating the Sigma Stages and Sigma himself! Hopefully by someday, this place will be filled with stuff!

Thanks to the one and only "OptimusConvoy" of DeviantArt, I got sprites for Sigma! Here they are~

Here is my finished beta edition of the Final Room of the game!

Idle Sigma Sprite!

Rockman X FC / Some changes in the plans...
« on: November 26, 2016, 08:46:28 PM »
    So lately I haven't really been too focused on the fan-game... I mean, just like I have been saying for such a long time now, I have school, a youtube channel, a life, self-esteem, and emotions to go through (along with my Girlfriend to also add to the mix) and live. And like I have also said in the past, a lot of changes in the plans has to be made before I can progress.

I even got a mentor for a few days, several weeks ago who told me that my engine is just too clunky and untidy... Which caused me to redo the entire engine. Eating up more time than I originally wanted to spend...
To be honest, this new engine isn't really going great because of how I'm using Gamemaker 8.1 Code on GameMaker Studio. Not to mention, I'm using code for Classic MegaMan rather than code for MegaMan X.

Honestly, this whole game has officially became more of a time consuming and stressful project, rather than something I'd physically get up and do because of how fun it is.

I think the only reason why I decided to listen to my mentor is because if one was to use my old engine, it would be physically impossible to make him take knockback against enemies.

Anyways, I would just like to say that If I never can get the full game finished, I'll have the demo. If I can never get the Demo for you guys, I'll at least have footage of the Final Boss and the Ending! And if I can't get that, the least I can do is livestream the progress I have made on my fan-game...

Just giving you all a heads up! Oh and if anyone has a good Engine that uses GMC for MegaMan Classic or MegaMan X, please tell me in the comments below! Also I'd like to say, I haven't really made any progress reports of the game recently. So please, it would be helpful to at least give some feedback on if you're still interested or not in the fan-game. I'd appreciate an honest comment below on your thoughts.

So that will be it, Hope you guys have an amazing day! Peridot, Signing out

Rockman X FC / Fan-Game Secret Ideas~
« on: October 24, 2016, 04:35:14 PM »
So of course, knowing me, I really wouldn't be satisfied with only a remake of MegaMan X1. So I decided there should be some kind of secret put into the game! I just have no clue what to do~

I would like ask of you all to please suggest some Ideas for a cool secret! This can be a Stage, a secret video Url, a new weapon or playable character. Literally anything is fine! I will probably list all the ideas on this comment right here along with the one I shall accept. May the best concept win! ;D

Rockman X FC / The Intro Stage
« on: September 29, 2016, 03:47:21 PM »
   So as many of you know from the google+ community, My final Plan I'm going with is the Intro Stage for the Demo. Why is it this exactly? Well all the other classic games from the NES don't contain an Intro Stage. Therefore my final game won't have one. But since it is the Best stage in the whole game (I like using bold) I decided to incorporate it into the Demo so it will have some of its own time to shine!

   Which means this thread will be The Intro Stage Thread! And will contain all the sprites and media I come up with and decide to share! :D So Yeah in the meantime, I'm gonna get this place up to date with everything I have accomplished so far!

   So first off, Here's the first screen! The Alpha Stage Start up screen!

   Here I have the Mini-Boss Bee/Helicopter

Rockman X FC / Introduction
« on: September 24, 2016, 06:27:11 PM »
Hello fellow MegaMan Fans! And Welcome to the Rockman X FC Blog of this forum! Over here I'll just be posting news and updates about the fan-game. This can include but not limited to, News about fan-game progress, Polls over Fan-game decisions, and

 "So what actually is RockMan X FC?" Well all in all, its my project, my hobby, and most of all, my version of one of the greatest MegaMan game ever, MegaMan X in NES graphics. I decided to name it RockMan X FC instead of MegaMan X NES because Japan was where MegaMan originated. So giving the title its Japanese name would give it more meaning than just simply MegaMan X. The Game will simply be RockMan X in NES graphics and music with the same feel of the original classic series and X series. I will have English cut scenes despite having a Japanese name because I can't get the Japanese Letters in 8-bit. However I may leave Viles' name as Vava.

 But Anyways like said at the Top, this Thread/Blog will pretty much be about Progress with the fan-game. Hope you enjoy your stay and support the game!  :D

Sigma's Teleport Chamber:

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