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Original Fan Art / Re: Codster76's Mega Man Fanart
« on: September 24, 2016, 03:16:32 AM »
This is all so amazing! You did a wonderful job  ;D

Thank you!

Original Fan Art / Codster76's Mega Man Fanart
« on: September 23, 2016, 06:00:41 AM »
I've been doing Mega Man fanart for 2 years now, and I have a lot of stuff.

If you want to see it all, here's a link to my deviantart page:

Gravity Man

Napalm Man

Wave Man

Star Man

Dive Man

Skull Man

Needle Man

Top Man

Quick Man

Flash Man

Flash Man again

Mega Man 1 Icons

Mega Man 3 Icons

Needle Man Mugshot

Magnet Man Mugshot

Gemini Man Mugshot

Hard Man Mugshot

Top Man Mugshot

Snake Man Mugshot

Spark Man Mugshot

Shadow Man Mugshot

Right-Wily Logo

Doc Robot Icon

Zero Icon

Fairly Leviathan Icon

Prometheus Icon

Magnet Man Sprite

Mega Man Echoes / Music
« on: September 23, 2016, 05:44:17 AM »
All of the music in this game was composed by Damien Arancibia and arranged by Cody Liu.

Most of these are piano arrangements because we compose the songs on piano before we chiptune them.

At the moment I don't know how to embed the soundcloud player into a post, so this is just going to be a song list until I work out how.

Song List:
First Call (Intro)

Quartets (Stage Select)

Triplets (Stage Selected)

Frenchman of the Opera (Split Man Stage)

Stagfright Stagefight (Split Man Boss)

Um... Uhh... Temp Man? (Temp Man Stage)

Nerves of Glass (Temp Man Boss)

Life of the Party (Disco Man Stage)

Disco Dude (Disco Man Boss)

March of the Militant Leader (Castle Man Stage)

Brave Soul (Castle Man Boss)

Winds of Defiance (Flow Woman Stage)

Flowing Fists (Flow Woman Boss)

OH YEAH! (Wreck Man Stage)

Into the Wreckage (Wreck Man Boss)

Elusive (Noir Man Stage)
Chiptune (This one's very unfinished)

Pain Train (Noir Man Boss)

Perplexia (Mind Man Stage)

A Battle of Wits (Mind Man Boss)

If Wire Man Had a Stage (Wire Man)

Have at You! (Prince Man Boss)

Still Spinning (Top Man Boss)

Reignition (Spark Man Boss)

A Prickly Welcome (Needle Man Boss)

Flickering Shadows (Shadow Man Boss)

Broken Bones (Skull Man Boss) (This song is extremely unfinished)

Cypress (Stage Complete)

Breaking in (Castle Man Stage 1)

Junkyard Prison (Castle Man Stage 3)

Broken Wing and Prayer (Broken Wing and Prayer Boss)

The Adjourned King (Final Boss)

Echoes of the Past (Echoes of the Past Boss)

Mega Man Echoes / Overview
« on: September 23, 2016, 05:21:23 AM »
[Mega Man Echoes is still in very early development. Not all of the art and character descriptions are confirmed or completed yet. There is still lots more to be added.]

Mega Man Echoes is a fangame developed by Cody Liu and Damien Arancibia. The idea behind its creation is to act as a completely separate instalment from the rest of the series with it's own internal storyline. It has been in development since late 2015. Its final release date hasn't been decided yet.

The story of Mega Man Echoes takes place in the city of Crimeradon, home to the Robotics Institute of Technology and the epicentre for robotic advancement. For all of its recorded history, the city has had an unsettling aura and a stigma behind it, but if one is to learn from the best, they are to visit this city.

The DCPN Line: The DCPN line originally consisted of Split Man, Temp Man, Disco Man, Castle Man, Prince Man and Mind Man, but events before the storyline of the game led to the creation of Flow Woman, Wreck Man, Noir Man and Wire Man. For the most part, these robots act much like a family.

The Organisation: The criminal organisation of Crimeradon. They are an offshoot of the disbanded Emerald Spears. Their goal is apparently to wipe out all robots of the city, but its mysterious leader seems to have an agenda of their own.

The Crimean Militia: The supposed protectors of the city. Their public image is quite negative overall, with the general concensus being that they don't need an army to protect them. Little do they know that the militia is on constant watch behind the scenes, defending the city from the organisation and its anti-robot ways.

Castle Man's Army: The invading army throughout the entire game. Castle Man had been stockpiling robots and elite soldiers in preparation to take the city by force. The army consists of Castle Man as the leader, Prince Man and Mind Man as the lieutenants, four elite soldiers under the lieutenants and thousands of disposable soldiers.

Character Overview
Dr. Cypress: A mad roboticist with a surprising affinity for robotics for his age, innocence of a child and a heart of slightly tarnished silver. A man with good intentions, but a lack of understanding of right from wrong. He made the DCPN (Dr. Cypress Numbers) line without the implementation of any laws of robotics and complete free will. This was both a blessing and a curse, expanding the capabilities of his creations tenfold, but leaving them susceptible to any sort of influence. He cannot remember the creation of his first six robots.

DCPN: 001 Split Man (Duet): The first robot of the line and leader of his group. He acts much like a caretaker to Dr. Cypress when he's getting himself into trouble. Split Man is an actor/singer who excels in most kinds of performing arts. He is more of a social robot than a combatant, but he is completely capable of defending himself. This joking, satirical leader, however believable his act of happiness may be, hides something, like he knows more than he lets up. Nobody can seem to work out what is going on in his head.

DCPN: 002 Temp Man (Tempo): The second robot of the line. He was created to run and manage a nuclear power plant autonomously to minimise the risk to human health. However, Cypress's love for free will and individuality in his robots led this walking thermometer to the extreme end of cowardice. He is afraid of everything. Every possibly risk to his physical condition, every small suggestion by anyone. He was deemed unfit for duty and was dismissed from his job.

DCPN: 003 Disco Man (Jazz): Nobody knows where Jazz came from or why he does what he does. Even Duet, who claims to remember each and every one of his brothers' creations cannot explain in detail. All Jazz does is party, party and party. His primary function is to cater to and DJ at parties, hosting some of the best parties seen in Crimeradon. Many have tried, but failed to understand this robot through prying and conversation, but his cool and collected demeanor keeps any information undisclosed. Jazz exudes an air of likeability constantly wherever he goes. Even the most bitter, angry people or robots have difficulty disliking him.

DCPN: 004 Castle Man (Blunt): Blunt is said to be the pinnacle of robot advancement. He was built for the utmost efficiency, being a natural ruler and manager. Initially, he was a very secluded robot, preferring to stay on his own and learn of the world he lived in and everything about it, but his advanced build and efficient mind were of interest to the Crimean Militia, who pressured him and pushed him to the limits of his patience. He began to see the flaws in humanity, the inefficiency and backwards nature of human culture disgusted him. He despised greedy organisations and corporations who would shed efficiency and advancement for anything else. He decided to take the reins himself and prove the limitless possibilities of human advancement by usurping the current "leaders" and creating a world of advancement and efficiency by building an elite military of his own and destroying all that would be willing to oppose his image of an ideal world.

DCPN: 005 Flow Woman (Flo): A robot who was built shortly before the events of Mega Man Echoes. She was commissioned by the Crimean Militia as a figurehead. A sort of hero that the city could look to for hope and security. But as usual Cypress could not resist his urge to make her unique. He gave her an overzealous attitude towards combat, which gave her great enthusiasm for training and protecting the city, but clouded her mind in the heat of battle. She lacked self control and would indiscriminantly attack both allies and enemies in combat, making her quite dangerous. However, after very intense mental fortification and training, she was able to distinguish friends from foes in battle.

DCPN: 006 Wreck Man (Dewrek): Another commission by the Crimean Militia, Wreck Man is an explosive powerhouse who lives and breathes fighting. Cypress gave him an undying love for fighting but decided that making him absolutely stupid was a good idea. Wreck Man was deemed unfit for ordinary duties and was reassigned the role of incompetent lab assistant to Cypress. He eventually became a figurehead for advertising with his distinct shape and unmatched enthusiasm and is sometimes called in by the militia for special missions involving his deployment (throwing) into the front lines of battle.

DCPN: 007 Noir Man (Dawson): Primiarly made by the militia, Noir Man was tampered on very little by Cypress. It is evident in his demeanor, design and competence in his line of work. Dawson is a hard-boiled detective working against the organisation. Working in the shadows to investigate and tear the militia's number one enemy apart piece by piece. Very closed off and somewhat hostile to most people he meets, Noir Man likes to hide his identity for risk that attention could be drawn to him, making his job harder.

DCPN: 008 Mind Man: A highly intelligent robot, said to have the processing capabilities of three highly advanced robots put together. Very little is known of him and his origins, which he refuses to share. To the others, he acts almost like a mentor, helping them wherever they need it and giving them advice when the're in trouble. Nobody knows how powerful Mind Man actually is, but based off the sparse displays of it, he is capable of far more damage than anyone else in the line.

DCPN: 009 Wire Man (Rookie): A robot recruited after acting as a puppet to Mind Man. His origins are unknown and he cannot remember a single thing of his past. Due to his incomplete build, he is incapable of speech. Despite his unsettling appearance, Wire Man is quite friendly, he is content with hs condition and wants to learn all about the exciting world he was "born" into. He is the sidekick of Noir Man.

DCPN: 010 Prince Man: The supposed son of Castle Man. He was built as the successor to Castle Man's throne. Unlike his father, Prince Man is quite easygoing and friendly, but easily bored. Prince Man is constantly resentful of his royal duties and his father, due to their conflict with his adventurous and excitable nature. He dreams of one day going on adventures around the world and saving a princess.

DCPN: ? Triplet: A long-lost robot of the DCPN line. Cypress remembers very little, only that he was "a very nice and polite boy". He was originally built to be Cypress's lab assistant, but ran away after a conflict in the Cypress household. He has never been seen since.

The story of Mega Man Echoes revolves around the conflict between the Crimean Militia and the DCPN line against Castle Man's army. Castle Man is trying to take over the city to bend it to his own will. He had captured the DCPN line and set them on a destructive course about the city. Mega Man must stop and free them all, then join forces with them to defeat Castle Man!

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